Samstag, 20. März 2010

Farewell party for Anna-Maria Hora and Markus Adrian

Berlin filmmakers Anna-Maria Hora (31) and Markus Adrian (31), who've been fellows at VILLA AURORA in Los Angeles for the past three months, celebrated their farewell party on Friday evening, March 19, 2010.

The party took place outdoors, in the beautiful garden of Villa Aurora with its view over the Pacific Ocean, located on top of the Palisades mountains on Paseo Miramar.

During their three-month-stay at VILLA AURORA , the newlywed filmmaker couple were busy. There was the welcoming reception in January, where Hora and Adrian were showing and discussing their documentary film “Klang der Freiheit” and a month later the screening of their film “Narrenspiel” (A Foul’s Game) at Goethe Institute, where they were participating in a Q & A session afterwards. On top of that they were driving down to Watts shooting a short music video “Coming from the Projects”, they've also been working on their documentary film “After the violence – Nach der Gewalt”, which is in its final stage now. The film, inspired by a photography book "Mugshot" by Jonas Mohr and Jason Porath, is about former gang members who turned into artists. Aside from this, one could see Adrian honing his skills in a screen-writing workshop, but also as a guest at the Foreign Language Film Award Nominees Symposium at the American Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In addition, both of them were networking at the Pre-Oscar Party at Villa Aurora.

Hence, Hora and Adrian, are certainly Doers. They're living their dream and do as much as they can to make it come true. With Anna-Maria Hora already having the experience of being a camera assistant in Roman Polanski’s Academy Award winning film "The Pianist", and both of them being Villa Aurora fellows, there is a good chance we'll hear quite a bit about them in the near future.

VILLA AURORA’s new director Imogen von Tannenberg, who used to be in charge of the translation department at Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation was at the party, as well as many of Hora's and Adrian's friends, including British screen-writer Nathan Parker (Moon), German consul Klaus Fimpel and his wife Susanne, German sound editor Michael Dressel and German actor Ronald Nitschke.

Hora and Adrian will be leaving Villa Aurora and therefore Los Angeles on March 27, 2010 to go on their well-deserved honeymoon to Panama.

written by Simone Kussatz

Farewell party for Anna-Maria Hora and Markus Adrian

1. Photo: Director of Villa Aurora - Imogen von Tannenberg (left), filmmaker Anna- Maria Hora (right)
2. Photo: Filmmaker, Markus Adrian

3. Photo: Filmmaker Anna-Maria Hora (left), Actor, Ronald Nitschke (right)
with children

4. Photo: Digital media expert, Aldo Ortiz

5. Photo: Standup comedian/producer/writer Robert Klinger and girl-friend Senior Graphic Designer at Disney, Mariya Stepanyau (left), Oscar Magallanes with girl-friend (right)
6. Photo: Villa Aurora garden

Photos by Simone Kussatz