Freitag, 9. April 2010

Zen moments

During my stay in China, I was looking for places, where I'd be undisturbed, away from the crowds of people. I felt intrigued by the light and played around with it. Some of the images were shot around Nanputuo temple - a Buddhist temple in Xiamen - others on campus of Xiamen University, or on the piano island "Gulangyu" and at the "Forbidden City" in Beijing. The blue bench with the pink bougainvillae was taken in the Bangkok zoo, when I was trying to escape from China during the holidays. I tried to apply these moments that I call "zen moments" to my life in the U.S. During Thanksgiving 2009, I took a trip by car to the Grand Canyon and stopped at Red Rock in Nevada on my way to go for a run. I came across this rock and felt fascinated by nature's beauty with clouds hanging on top of it and decided to change the color photo into a black-and-white one to add a more dramatic appeal to the image.

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Photos by Simone Kussatz